Who We Are

Butali House is a self-publishing and book marketing company that gives anyone the opportunity to create, produce, and sell the book of their dreams. Started in 2016, Butali House was a result of the passion of its founders for quality local publishing. Chilu Mulundu was an editor looking for a project to work on, and Peter W. Nawa was a writer with aspirations to be published. Together they released Peter’s book Hired: Find the Job, Keep the Job, and Quit the Job, and since then have worked together to provide other writers a platform to let loose their creative potential.

What We Do

Butali House makes it simple for anyone to publish, promote, and distribute professional-quality printed books and ebooks. Our mission is to empower people to express themselves through their published work, and our service is designed to suit anyone; whether a creative professional, a full-time author, a business, or a family/personal book-maker, anyone looking to publish will benefit from our service.

How We Do It

We have a talented network of creative experts that cover all the major aspects of publishing including editing, proofreading, typesetting, cover design, marketing, and distribution. So at whatever stage a particular project may be, we’re ready to provide the sound advice and professional expertise needed to see it through to its completion. And if you’re interested in joining the team, you’re welcome to reach out to us as well.

Butali House

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