6 Sept


7 Sept


18:30- 20:30

Literary Quiz Night

8 Sept

10:00- 11:30

International Literacy Day Celebration

14:00- 16:30


Book Drive

Book Exchange

9 Sept

9:00- 10:00


Writing in Tune

Songwriters get together to talk about and answer questions on their craft.

(Pompi, Wezi and Izrael)

Blogging for the under spoken

Hear from a panel of bloggers about how to navigate and excel at the craft of expressing yourself online.

(Chipo Autumn, Kempson and Anisha Gold)

A Writer’s Curriculum Vitae

Building a writing portfolio, explained and dissected.

(Mukuka Muyuka and Samba Yonga)



10:00- 11:00

Main stage

Leaders Reading List

Various Leaders discuss their top 5 books of all-time

(Inutu Zaloumis, Dickson Jere, Chibamba Kanyama and Mulenga Kapwepwe)

11:00- 12:00


From Fade In to Fade Out

A panel of filmmakers answer all your questions about writing for the screen.

(Peter Langmead, Becky Ngoma and Henry Joe Sakala)


When Powers Combine

A discussion on comics, collaboration and creative synergy.

(Benny Blow, Duncan Sodala and London Kamwendo)

So you want to publish a book huh?

A talk on how books go from a mind to a bookshelf. The publishing process explained.

(Katarina Zeravica and Dario Chongolo)



12:00- 13:00

Main stage

Chitundu Chatu

Is writing and reading in indigenous languages dead? (Daniel Sikazwe, Moffat Moyo, Nicholas Kawinga and Marita Banda)

14:00- 15:00


*Main stage

No money in your pocket?

A talk with local organisations on how writers can keep from starving, earn a living and still keep writing.

(Amadeus Musumali, Kapalu Mutenda)

Poetry, poetry. You killed my mother….

A session on art of poetry, performance poetry and publishing poetry.

(Bittersweet Poetry)

Storytelling through P.K Chishala’s Lyrics*

A Presentation on P.K Chishala’s story telling of our lives through his songs.

(Joseph Simukoko)

15:00- 16:00


The Writer’s Superpower- Creation!

A discussion on the grind and glory of creative writing.

(Kafula Mwila and Benny Blow)

It’s fiction, but you’re the protagonist

Ludo Games gives a demonstration of interactive fiction.

(Ludo Games)

Before the ink dries

A talk and Q & A on copyrights and how to protect your work as a writer. What to expect from the taxman.

(Ruth Mwenya- ZARRSO and ZRA)

16:00- 17:00

Main stage

Our Stories, Our Writers

“Unless the lion learns how to write every story will glorify the hunter”- Anonymous

(Roy Clarke, Ngosa Chungu and Kachinga Sichizya)

Mainstage: Free/ Masterclasses: K50.00 per session or K100.00 for all sessions/

Exhibitions will be available throughout the day.

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